Theology Land Excursions 5-26-2014

Posted on May 26, 2014

People wonder at times why I like investigating Theology so much. Before mentioning why, there are a number of reasons why I DON’T do it:

  1. I like to pick theological fights (I really don’t)
  2. I like discussing things more than doing them (once again, nada)
  3. I feel superior discussing concepts with multi-syllabic words like “antedeluvian, Complementarianism, supralapsarianism, gobbledeegookism”. (That last one is not real…yet).

But, at its best, Theology represents an outward expression of that deep, intimate, Holy Spirit-led walk with Jesus and puts names to experiences and yearnings that we all have but struggle to describe.

And if you aren’t allowed to discuss these things intelligently, then our minds turn to mush. Oh wait, that does happen. Even the Apostle Paul, speaking of men and women who disagree with each other in the church: “No doubt there have to be differences among you to show which of you have God’s approval.” (1 Cor. 11:19). Fortunately, even that verse is in the context of Paul’s disapproval of trivial divisions in the Body of Christ. 

We have false teachers around. There are many false teachings as well. It is only in the fair and respectful exchange of ideas that we can discern who is speaking from God and the Bible and who is not.

That’s why I love Theology. It can help you tell the difference between the Truth and the non-Truth. Hopefully the Spirit of God will help us even more than our knowledge of theology.

With that explanation, here are some wise and thought-provoking theological essays of the past few weeks on the Internet.

Best Question: Greg Boyd asks how a good God can create a world of such dichotomy between good and evil. We would expect a good God would only create good. This essay provokes the mind to ask tough questions and then supplies some meaningful answers.

Read it here:

Best Scholarly Look at Jesus: The teachers at the White Horse Inn ask if the biblical account of Jesus can be trusted in light of modern research into the historical Jesus.

Here is the audio of that discussion:

Best Look at Grace vs. Law: Recently, the ultra-conservative Gospel Coalition, forced Tullian Tchividjian, grandson of Billy Graham, to take his blog off their site. A week later, he left the organization mostly because the group is unwilling to discipline its members of sexual misconduct. This article talks about why Tchividjian had the doctrinal falling out with TGC.

Meditate on it here:

Best Look at a Controversial Book: The writer at “Arminianism Today” is a thoughtful theologian and eminently gracious. Here is his take on John McArthur’s “Strange Fire” a book that says most Pentecostals and Charismatics are heretics.

See his point of view here:

Best Real Review of a Movie Premise: All the other bloggers had a field day saying why the movie “Noah” was either a work of blasphemy or a genius rendering. From the blog “Experimental Theology” comes a viewpoint you probably wouldn’t have thought of. And that is what you usually find there.

This is the location of the article:

Best POV from a Recognized Theologian on the Outs with Evangelicalism:  I’m not a fan of what Rob Bell is currently doing with his life. But I like this one where he asks the unusual question: “How did Jesus pay his expenses during his ministry?”

Agree with him or not, RB asks great questions. Read his here.