Why I Have NOT Posted Lately

Posted on April 22, 2015

new-writerEvery blogger has those moments when they do not post anything. We are told in the blogging community that this is death to your reader base, for when you stop, there are a 100 other blogs that do post things every day.

But since I don’t really care how many people read this blog–and I haven’t cared since I started it in 2004–that point of view doesn’t interest or motivate me.

But here is why I stopped writing. I was becoming hyper-critical about everything. I saw the entire world as a problem that needed to be corrected. As I told a friend, there is a big difference between having a critical mind and a critical spirit. You have a critical mind when you take few things at face value and instead look at all things from fresh perspective. You have a critical spirit when you go looking to criticize everything and only give grudging acknowledgement to those things which pass your “test.”

I was failing at life by crossing the invisible boundary between the Critical mind and the Critical spirit. In taking a short break I have seen the error of my ways–again. I did this a dozen years ago and had to stop writing for an entire year.

It also helped this time that two close friends helped guide me back on the better path.

But, in this time of not writing, I have done much more reading on a great variety of subjects. Because of this, I am prompted to write many things. Let’s see what kind of writing speed I can employ to get all my ideas out there.

Thanks for being patient with me.