12 Movies That Emphasize Teamwork

Posted on May 14, 2014

There are certain themes that make movies not only watchable, but desirable. I have a few themes I return to over and over, but none as appealing as movies that emphasize teamwork. Here are some of my favorites, in no particular order.

It’s Memorial Day weekend coming up…why not watch a few of these and bask in the delight of teamwork done well.

argoArgo: A team of diplomats, government agents and filmmakers extricate potential hostages out of Iran during the crisis in 1979.
Bridge on the River Kwai: British and American soldiers work together to resist their Japanese captors and take pride in building  a bridge across a Thai River.
Super 8: Young kids obsess over the making of a horror movie, only to realize they are in a real-life horror. They must band together to solve a great mystery.
apolloApollo 13: The true life story of the ill-fated mission to the moon which put the lives of three astronauts on the line. They must work together to get home.
Hoosiers: A small town basketball team attempts to work together to accomplish the impossible.
Miracle: The story of the 1980 U. S. Men’s Olympic hockey team as they drew together to accomplish something no one in the world thought they were capable of.
stand and deliverStand and Deliver: A math teacher uses his skill to build one class into a formidable academic force.
Coach Carter: One of my favorite team movies. A hardware store owner takes over the coaching duties of an Oakland high school. Only when the team works for each other do they achieve anything of value. Most of it is achieved off the court.
Major League: Another sports movie. This one is about a team with all the odds against them.
musicMusic of the Heart: Like many of the movies on this list, this is a true story. A New York violin teacher’s program is discontinued due to budget cuts. But instead of giving up, she builds a team of great musicians who end up doing much more than saving a class.
Legend of Bagger Vance: One of the great young golfers of the 1930s goes to war and comes back messed up. Through a team of people working with him, he regains much of what he has lost.
Inception: This movie plays with your mind, but the teamwork here is super and the acting top-notch.

Honorable Mentions: Freedom Writers, The Avengers, Space Cowboys, The Blind Side, We Are Marshall, The Italian Job, Ten Things I Hate About You, Sneakers, Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.